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If you’re interested in being a Flight Volunteer, please register your flight below. K9Aid will contact you to advise whether your flight is suitable to carry an animal & whether we have one needing to fly to your destination.FVs-1

The following Airlines have the best rates for accompanied animals Thai Airways, Qatar, Korean Air, JAL, Delta, EVA, Lufthansa, KLM, Swiss Air, Air France and Emirates to the USA, Canada, UK or Europe. So if you’re travelling on any of these airlines we’d love to add you to our list of available Flight Volunteers.

Please note the following when considering being a flight volunteer:
• Long stopovers in other countries are not permitted. Transiting through other countries is allowed (e.g. to change planes, refuel, etc.)
• Flight volunteer opportunities are not available for travel to Australia and New Zealand as animals can only enter as cargo.

Our most popular routes for dogs needing flights are:

Eastern Europe to America/Canada
Thailand to Europe, USA/Canada



    • Tiffany Martin

      Does anyone need an adopted pet brought back from Morocco to Birmingham u.k?

    • Ellen Debusscher

      Would like to help to bring an animal from bali to brussels.

      • Cindy Amey

        Hi Ellen, as far as I know its extremely difficult to get dogs out of Bali. For more info I suggest contacting this organisation

    • Kimberley Clancy

      Can bring animals to either Oslo Norway or Copenhagen Denmark

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