The main aim of K9Aid is twofold – Helping to Fundraise & promote  Adoptions for small rescue Shelters/Groups around the world.

Who are we?

K9Aid is a new Group created in April 2014 by Cindy & Derek Amey who worked as full time volunteers for Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) in Phuket, Thailand from 2011 to 2014. Our major role was Adoptions & Fundraising. During this 3 year period we adopted over 500 dogs from the shelter. We were also heavily involved in marketing/fundraising for SDF helping to create a major following on Facebook for the organisation. Photography & Video was also a major part of our work which complimented the success of fundraising & adoption. We left Phuket in November 2013 and now reside back in Australia. Our desire to help animals continues & has prompted the creation of K9Aid. We have 3 dedicated Australian volunteers helping us including joining Debbie Mole, Ellie Harris & Tina McCready. Together our goal is to make K9 Aid a success in helping raise funds for small shelters/groups & providing a central place for Adoption promotion.

We receive no financial gain from this venture, our motivation for making K9Aid a success is merely the satisfaction of helping animals. There is no cost to the Groups/Shelters we support. 

What do we do for you?

The advantage to shelters/groups is you get access to our expertise. Many shelters/groups know very little about fundraising or how to get dogs adopted. This is where we can help you to grow & expand. Our time at Soi Dog Foundation has enabled us to build the skills necessary to help others. We also have a big network of people around the world whom we’ve built relationships with & who are willing to support us.

Ease of Donations

How often do you see a dog promoted on a facebook page or website needing funding to fly abroad to it’s new home, or needing funds for medical care etc.? People often want to donate, but where do they send their donation? We aim to make K9 Aid a central fundraising platform so that each dog can have its own fundraising page & a running tally of donations to date. We aim to make donating easy, simple and centralized.

What you do for us

We (K9Aid) benefit by building our reputation using your cause. This helps K9 Aid to grow & become more widely known in the industry as a central place for fundraising & adoption. We want to drive people to our website & facebook page and your collateral will help us do that.

What you need to provide to K9 Aid (PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT)

In order for us to raise funds on your behalf, you need to be able to provide us with good quality collateral (i.e. stories, photos, video if possible) on a regular basis. This is vital to fundraising & for a successful relationship between us.

We require you to provide us with 2 stories per week which we can use to promote your shelter/Group or a particular dog/cat in your care. These need to be interesting, heart tugging stories which will touch people and want them to support you. The type of thing you post on your Facebook page is ideal. To save you time, we can copy & paste such stories/photos from your Facebook page and you are also welcome to email us anything else you think is worth us featuring on the K9Aid website & FB page. Good quality photos are essential and if video is available, this is also a valuable fundraising tool. A good ongoing story about one of your dogs can be a very valuable fundraiser. Promoted correctly these can bring in large volumes of donations. A K9Aid representative will be assigned to your shelter & you will deal with them directly. This is a “you help us, we help you” relationship. We want it to be a “win win” scenario. Note; We reserve the right to cease working with any shelter/group who is unable to provide us with useable content on a regular basis.

The concept of K9Aid relies upon the groups helping themselves. The more quality collateral you provide us with, the more chance we have of raising funds for you. Having our own organisation gives us the luxury of choosing the groups we wish to work with. Those that provide us with good quality, regular collateral for our website & facebook page and those that are easy to communicate with, is what are looking for.. Should that group cease providing us with the necessary collateral, then we have the option to substitute another group as one of our causes.

Initially we see K9Aid as an association. A group of people working together to achieve a common goal, based on common interest. If K9 Aid really starts to work, then we’d need to consider becoming a registered not for profit organisation. But to keep it simple to start with, it will be just a small group of people working together.

The K9 Aid Website aims to:

1) To promote Adoption of dogs in distress
i.e. DMT dogs, dogs from small rescue groups and those currently in foster care. The website will showcase dogs for adoption with photos albums & bio’s for each adoptable dog. All adoption enquiries would first come to K9Aid & then we direct them to you or the person you nominate.

2) Fundraising
We will promote SPONSORSHIP of each group/shelter through donations. We choose groups who can provide us with good, regular collateral. Feature stories from these groups are highlights on our website & FB page. We will also enable sponsorship of dogs from your shelter/group who are likely to be long term residents with little or no chance of adoption.

K9Aid will also help raise funds for adopted animals flying abroad. Donations can be accepted directly from the site or through a giving platform & a running tally will display. Specific fundraising for other reasons e.g. urgent medical care, wheelchairs etc would also be enabled through the website.

3) Other
The site would also promote Events & Fundraising activities (e.g. auctions). We could also potentially allow related advertising.

4) Donations/Funds
All donations go directly to K9Aid & we will distribute to shelters/groups. . The K9Aid Group is run totally by volunteers & we all work unpaid & have no overheads. So all monies raised for sponsorships, individual dogs etc, go straight to the groups we support. There are no fees or costs involved

5) Flight Volunteers
A flight volunteer registration & information page would enable us to co-ordinate our own flights for adopted dogs. Our database of flights could also be offered to other rescue groups with dogs needing to fly, providing they also share their flights with us. Information about flight volunteering would is incuded on the site along with a registration form. It is difficult for small groups to have their own FV program, so creating a central base for these flights the more chance we have of finding flights for dogs. This is a way to increase adoption rates as most small groups send dogs cargo which increases cost of adoption dramatically.

6) Facebook
We also have a K9Aid Facebook page where current stories/collateral are also posted. Facebook is a major driver and has huge potential for donations. Building the “likes” on the page will be be crucial in building up our FB following.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete our enquiry form HERE.

For further enquries please email with information about your organisation and we will contact you to discuss further.



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