These dogs are all looking for new homes…

A LITTLE DOG CALLED  “CHARLIE” Charlie is desperately seeking a place to call home. Here’s Charlies story by Joy Huss (Hand to Paw Rescue Shelter, Chaing Mai, Thailand) SEX: MALE AGE: APPROX 6 months STERILIZED: YES COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: T... read more

BLACK PUPS THAT NOBODY WANTS… One of the shelters supported by K9Aid is Headrock Dogs Rescue in Thailand. They are currently looking after 6 beautiful 6 month old pups (3 male & 3 female) all with very uncertain futures. These pups seem to have ... read more

BEAUTIFUL BUCKY NEEDS A FAMILY! Hello, my name is Bucky , I’m a Golden Retriever cross , but my size is similar to a Labrador. I’m a very clever boy. I know how bring the ball back to you, and I like to swim. Here in refuge at Sava’s Sa... read more

Meet Ka-noon, her name means Jack fruit in Thai. Ka-noon was found roaming alone in a Thai neighborhood when she was around 8-9 months old. Ka-noon was very weak and dehydrated. One of the neighourhood Residents (Khun Aoi) immediately took her to the vet.... read more