Dogs available for Adoption…

A LITTLE DOG CALLED  “CHARLIE” Charlie is desperately seeking a place to call home. Here’s Charlies story by Joy Huss (Hand to Paw Rescue Shelter, Chaing Mai, Thailand) SEX: MALE AGE: APPROX 6 months STERILIZED: YES COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: T... read more

BLACK PUPS THAT NOBODY WANTS… One of the shelters supported by K9Aid is Headrock Dogs Rescue in Thailand. They are currently looking after 6 beautiful 6 month old pups (3 male & 3 female) all with very uncertain futures. These pups seem to have ... read more

Meet Ka-noon, her name means Jack fruit in Thai. Ka-noon was found roaming alone in a Thai neighborhood when she was around 8-9 months old. Ka-noon was very weak and dehydrated. One of the neighourhood Residents (Khun Aoi) immediately took her to the vet.... read more

JACKPOT THE LUCKIEST DOG ALIVE Meet Jackpot, Doggie Heaven found him curled up in a tight ball in the blazing hot sun on the side of the road about 40mins from their shelter. It took a few weeks of visiting him and attempting to give him food before he wo... read more