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Charlie is desperately seeking a place to call home. Here’s Charlies story by Joy Huss (Hand to Paw Rescue Shelter, Chaing Mai, Thailand)

AGE: APPROX 6 months
ENQUIRIES TO: joyh@threegeneration.org

SEE VIDEO OF CHARLIE HERE:  http://vimeo.com/101192274

On 10 June 2014 an animal-loving supporter of “Hand to Paw” was driving home from work with her daughter when she passed the Wat Nongplaman temple and spotted poor 4-month old Charlie sitting all alone on the side of the road in the pouring rain, hairless, cold and lost…abandoned? I have never known Melanie and Sarah ever to pass a dog in distress without stopping: a blessing for our sweet boy Charlie.

After collecting Charlie, who easily came to them, Melanie called me to say, “What can I do”! She already has a home of 6 dogs and 3 cats, taking Charlie home was not an option and leaving him on the side of the road was not an option. I was so happy she called me; although I could not get away at that particular time I asked if she could take Charlie to Dr. Pat’s clinic to evaluate his health and skin condition. After this was completed to take Charlie to the Wat Pa Tiew temple where I have a warm, bedded crate always set up for little unfortunate puppies. The monks are the most kind-hearted and have never rejected a dog or puppy I have brought there on a temporary or permanent basis.

She was a bit intimidated to do this, as she did not want to be seen as dumping a dog at a temple. I reassured her to say I had asked her to do this and that I would be there in the morning to check on Charlie and bring the appropriate medications.

Shortly after I received her return call to say what a most pleasant affair the whole thing had turned out to be. Dr. Pat was so empathetic to this little misfit who was diagnosed with Demodec mange and slightly anemic, the monks understood completely and welcomed him with a smile and Charlie took to his little crate like he was born there.

Over 1.5 months have passed since that day and Charlie’s contagious sweet personality has turned out to be the delight of the monks, other pups at the temple and everyone at Hand to Paw.

Recently, on an impromptu visit to the temple I discovered that Charlie was very ill and had developed pneumonia due to the recent bought of heavy rains and hot weather. He received immediate medical treatment and recovered at my home over the course of 4 days. Here is where I learned even more what a delightful boy he was. He did not take to rest and convalescence, but immediately wanted to play with my 8 dogs and explore and sniff the premises. He loved to sleep in the bed with the others, walk in the rice fields and have his daily chicken dinner. What dog wouldn’t!

With the recent tragic deaths of so many of our young dogs at Wat Pa Tiew from road accidents from the busy road in front of the temple and poisonings for the few that killed some neighbor chickens, I saw that I must get Charlie adopted as soon as possible.

Charlie is very laid back and also gets on with cats!

If you are looking for that loyal dog, the one that is always at your side and your buddy-mate, Charlie is the one for you.


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