HELPING ROBERT – THE ABUSED MANGE RIDDEN BEACH DOG… “Robert” is a stray Thai beach dog living in Bang Saphan, Thailand. Robert is suffering from a severe case of mange & was finding it difficult to find food, so he started sitt... read more

HELP TO END THE SUFFERING WITH A $10 DONATION… In 2019 over 3,315 Thai street dogs AND 1,097 cats were sterilized by our SNIP Team in Bangkok! Since they started, they have now sterilized over 1,000 dogs at the notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump site! For 20... read more

BILLY KEPT SHOWING HIS PAW, ASKING FOR HELP!… This is Billy… he was found in an open food market in Bangkok. He kept approaching people, showing his indured paw to passers by, almost like he was asking for help! Locals say he has been living w... read more

BUNNY’S SUFFERING BADLY – URGENT MEDICAL AID REQUIRED!… This very sad case comes to us from our friends from Rural Animal Care (RAC) in Zimbabwe. The dog’s name is “Bunny” and she lives in a rural village in Zimbabwe wh... read more

EMILY’S LEG HAS BEEN EATEN AWAY… This is the kind of case that reduces us to tears… Little Emily’s right hind leg is half missing. Its been eaten away by maggots which have also infested her other leg and her neck. This poor soul h... read more