A PLAYGROUND & SECURITY FOR THE DOGS AT SAVA’S SAFE HAVEN! Some of Sava’s residents have lived at the shelter for over 6 years. These dogs have never been outside shelter in all those years – this NEW PLAYGROUND is for them. SavaR... read more

Thai Rescuer – Josie Hunt, found this 3-month-old puppy dumped outside her door – almost dead! The tiny puppy lay there breathing heavily, motionless and literally dying before her eyes… In a desperate attempt to save his life, she immed... read more

Help to end the suffering with just a $10 donation. In 2018 over 2,628 Thai street dogs AND 1,125 cats were sterilized by our SNIP Team in Bangkok! They’ve also sterilized over 800 dogs at the notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump site. For 2019, our goal is to... read more

FREYA HAS A NEW LIFE AWAITING HER IN THE USA!.. This is “Freya”- she’s an Indian Street Dog. She was found with both front legs torn apart crying in agony. She’d been in that condition for 3 days until someone rescued her & we ... read more

TINNIE’S 3 DAYS OF HORROR & HER STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE… Our hearts break for this poor soul who has just been rescued by Amy Nutsati. Your donations are desperately needed to provide her with all the medical care she needs. In Amy’s own... read more