BABY KIM – FOUND IN THE GUTTER… Kim was found lying injured in a gutter beside the road in rural Mae Rim, Thailand – just a baby. A good Samaritan and dog lover, Tony McManus, just happened to cross paths with this injured soul and could... read more

GARBAGE DUMP DOG “KRIEN” HIT BY A TRUCK!… Krien is a young male dog who lives at the infamous Cha Am Dump site near Bangkok, Thailand. He’s a very friendly boy, who was born at the site a year ago. Whenever the SNIP sterlization te... read more

A STREET DOG CALLED JANE – SHE’S SUFFERED ENOUGH! “Jane” was found in Hua Hin, Thailand with another dog who sadly died. She has a severe case of demodec mange which has erupted into painful, weeping open sores all over her little ... read more

HELP TO END THE SUFFERING WITH A $10 DONATION… In 2019 over 3,315 Thai street dogs AND 1,097 cats were sterilized by our SNIP Team in Bangkok! Since they started they have now sterilized over 1,000 dogs at the notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump site! For... read more

THE BLIND BOY FROM BAN CHANG…. This poor soul “Angus” was found aimlessly wandering the grounds of a temple in Ban Chang (Rayong Province), Thailand. He has TVT Cancer in both eyes and cannot see. Our rescue friends ….. Soi Dog Ang... read more