DRAGON HAS A VERY PRIVATE & PAINFUL CONDITION – SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!.. This is Dragon – named such after having bitten every staff member at the vet clinic (she’s a feisty one!), but it’s no wonder with the pain she’s in. She was... read more

AND THEN THEY FOUND ROSIE…. This poor girl was found by the SNIP Sterlization team whilst darting animals for sterlization at the infamous Cha Aam Dump site near Bangkok, Thailand.  “Rosie” has a severe case of TVT (Transmissable Venere... read more

“TIA” AN OLD HARMLESS STREET DOG…PEOPLE KICKED, THREW HOT WATER & ROCKS AT HIM!! “Tia” is a 10 year old stray dog in Bangkok whos’ been abused by the local residents who dont want him hanging around. Some people kic... read more