HELP TO END THE SUFFERING WITH A $10 DONATION… In 2020 the total number of dogs and cats SNIP’d are down due to COVID-19 but an incredible 2,645 were sterilized and vaccinated by our SNIP Team in Bangkok!  The breakdown was 1,724 dogs and 921 cat... read more

IKIE WAS STABBED FOR BEING HUNGRY… This tragic case comes to us from Bangkok Rescuer @Unnruenan Nutsati (Amy). This is Ikie. He is a stray who lives in one of the areas where Amy regularly feeds dogs on the streets of Bangkok. Ike has has no home to... read more

AMY & K9AID”S DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO SAVE “PRIMA”… This poor soul “Prima” is a stray dog struggling to survive on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. He arrived here a few years ago, after he was cruelly dumped by a van... read more

GRACIE’S BREAKING BODHI’S HEART – SHE’S OLD & HAS BEEN ATTACKED… Gracie is a super sweet 3 LEGGED older girl, who Tina Maria rescued from the Phuket Pound (where she had no quality of life) a few years ago. Gracie has bee... read more

HE HAS A FIGHTING SPIRIT & WE HAVE TO HELP HIM! This old Thai Street dog has been named “Spirit”. He was found severely injured after being shot on New Years Eve in the beachside city of Pattaya. After local rescuer Martina Moeller-Paripov... read more