A NUN’S TRAGEDY – HELP KEEP HER DOGS SAFE FROM POISONING… Meet Nid Sirimara, she’s a Buddhist nun in Pranbury, Thailand who’s spent her entire life helping stray dogs and cats. She lives for the animals and cares deeply for t... read more

PARALYSED FOLLOWING DOG ATTACK – THIS LITTLE GIRL NEEDS A WHEELCHAIR… Coco is a tiny poodle who was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED  by bigger dogs on a street in Pattaya, Thailand in November last year. She was badly bitten on the neck, back, chest and a... read more

ALL 3 DOGS NEED HELP BUT CHAICHAI NEEDS AN AMPUTATION ASAP…. CHAICHAI is a victim of a hit and run ONE YEAR AGO!  Unfortunately, CHAICHAI was not able to receive the medical assistance he needed as his owner, in the Philippines is extremely poor in mon... read more

Help to end the suffering with just a $10 donation. In 2018 over 2,628 Thai street dogs AND 1,125 cats were sterilized by our SNIP Team in Bangkok! They’ve also sterilized over 800 dogs at the notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump site. For 2019, our goal is to... read more

OLD, BLIND POODLE ABANDONED TO DIE – YOU CAN HELP HEAL HER… This sick, old Toy Poodle (now called Cornelia) was found abandoned last week in Pattaya, Thailand. She’d been left on the street in an old bamboo chicken cage, containing a dis... read more