HIS NAME IS SUGAR & IT APPEARS SOMEONE TRIED TO SKIN HIM ALIVE… This tragic case comes to us from Hua Hin,Thailand. This six month old pup has been found with horrific burns to his back. No-one is sure what happened to him, but our best guess is... read more

NICO FOUND HIDING, CRYING IN AGONY… ANOTHER URGENT CASE! This poor soul!.. Nico was found in Cha Am Thailand yesterday, hiding & crying in pain. He must be in absolute agony…(see video above) He’s most likely been hit by a car causin... read more

HELP TO END THE SUFFERING WITH A $10 DONATION… In 2020 the total number of dogs and cats SNIP’d are down due to COVID-19 but an incredible 2,645 were sterilized and vaccinated by our SNIP Team in Bangkok!  The breakdown was 1,724 dogs and 921 cat... read more

WHAT HAPPENED TO WILDO? – IT LOOKS LIKE HIS HEAD EXPLODED!… Wildo is part of a wild pack of dogs, that live just outside the town area of Hua Hin, Thailand. “Hin Lek Fai Rescue” regularly feed these dogs and know the dogs well. Wil... read more