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Meow is a Thai lady with a very big heart. She lives her life for the stray dogs of Pattaya and currently runs an open shelter with more than 100 dogs in her care, right in the middle of town. A new village has been built right next to Meow’s shelter, so sadly she has no option but to move. VIDEO SHOWS MEOW STARTING MOVE SUPPLIES TO THE NEW LAND. She has lots of help from the dogs who love her!

She has found a piece of land she can lease which is 15kms away from Pattaya. Meow is now preparing to re-erect her shelter here and move all the stray dogs she cares for.

Donations have been received for the transportation and concreting but now the pressing cost is for a 2 meter high, 160 meter long wire mesh fence to enclose the shelter and keep the dogs safe.

We’d like to be able to build this fence for Meow, who does so much for the dogs of Thailand.

You can donate 2 meters of fencing for just $12 using the link below. If you can donate more than $12, each $6 donation buys another meter.

YOUR HELP is desperately needed for this project, as Meow really needs to move this month (September).

Thank you x

Meow’s move has started.


The new land where the 600 meter fence needs to be built.

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    • Lorraine Hepburn

      Not much but it gets you started. xx

      • Cindy Amey

        thank you Lorraine!

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