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Thai Rescuer – Josie Hunt, found this 3-month-old puppy dumped outside her door – almost dead!

The tiny puppy lay there breathing heavily, motionless and literally dying before her eyes… In a desperate attempt to save his life, she immediately rushed him to the nearest vetShe named him Achim…

Eventually after 2 days he started to show small signs of improvement, but then suddenly he could no longer walk. Blood tests showed nothing to indicate the reason for paralysis – i.e. no blood parasites or distemper. But Josie knew something was wrong, so she took Achim to a specialist vet hospital and sadly he tested positive to Parvovirus. This horrible disease is usually fatal to puppies but Achim was incredibly lucky & he survived.

However all is not well as Achim still struggles to walk & is obviouly suffering some form of neurological problem.

Josie desperately wants Achim to live the best life possible, so next month she will be taking him to a specialist Neurologist in the hope that with the right care & treatment,  he will eventually be able to walk again without falling over.

This puppy has not been on the earth long, but has already survived severe illness, Parvovirus & has a serious neurological problem affecting his ability to walk. His vet bills are already expensive even before seeing the Neurology specialist.  However, he has come this far & we all belive he deserves this chance to live a long, happy life.

Puppies like Achim would have no chance of survival without rescuers like Josie. Please help with a donation in any amount for little Achim, you will be helping a tiny soul who has had the worst start in life. Thank you x

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