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If you have not heard of this amazing man in Pattaya, Thailand – his name is Adrian Giurgiu & he has over 60 dogs in his care (40 of them paralysed) and 40 cats.

Adrian is originally from Germany & has been living in Thailand for the past 10 years. For the last 8 years he’s been involved in feeding & sterlizing street dogs & the last 2 years he’s got into rescuing them as well.

On his property he has may paralysed dogs and without someone like Adrian to care for them, most of these dogs would not be alive today. Adrian says “I love to be with paralysed dogs, they teach me a lot about life and I love to see them happy”.

Anyone who has cared for a disabled dog knows how difficult it can be, but Adrian takes it all in his stride.

Adrian wants to enlarge & improve the area he has for his paralysed dogs and allow them more space to move around without hurting themselves. The new area he wants to build is 20meters x 6 meters. He has received some donations already & is now short approx $800usd to finish the project. Your donations towards this project will be used to purchase Roofing, Tiles, Iron, Fencing, Cement & Bricks.

Adrian also wants to install electricity in every dog run so that he can install fans to keep the dogs cool in the tropical heat.

The new area will house approx 15 dogs & take 1-2 months to complete.

We are in constant awe of this man’s dedication to the animals in his care and we truly want to help him complete this project & make life better for the paralysed dogs in his wonderful care.

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