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This puppy is called “Alien”, he’s one of the latest rescues helped by our friends at “Helping Hands for Animals” in Dhrangadhra, India. You can see by the video, how much this Rescue cares & the conditions they work in.

Alien was found by locals in the area he lives, with a huge painful swelling on his face and neck and they called the Rescue Shelter to help him.

Shelter owner Ashish Thacker says “We brought Alien immediately to our shelter and after thorough examination, we found the swelling is due to a large accumulation of blood and pus, which has caused a massive infection. His temperature is 105farenheit, he’s very dehydrated and in pain. We are working to him get better with several medications and fluids. It will take a a few weeks to cure his infection with several medications and rest”.

Without intervention by Ashish and his team, Alien would most definitely have died in agony on the streets.

We love what these Indian rescuers do & how much they care. India has many street dogs and its only the lucky ones like Alien who are found & their lives saved.

Your donation will pay for Alien’s medication & treatment, which will be life saving in this case. Any donation will help, however small. These dogs lives depend on your help.

Thank you x

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