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Lying in sewage, in the city of Dhrangadhra Gujarat, India… this old boy has a huge worrisome wound over his head. More than half of his head is missing and thousands of maggots are crawling over the enormous opening.

We can only imagine the pain he is experiencing at the moment, he is severely dehydrated which says he hasn’t eaten or drank in days. The pain he must be suffering is immense.

Dogs like this often roam the streets of Indian towns & cities until they die, sadly no-one seems to notice them & no-one helps them. But this dog has been given a chance by a group of kind people who found him in deep distress and contacted our friends at “Helping Hands for Animals India”. They followed him, keeping him in their sight until the rescue group arrived.

The rescuers were shocked when they saw the size & extent of his wound & realised the pain he’s been suffering for days, & his struggle to just survive. .

Rescuers have named this poor soul “Alphonso” and treatment has commenced with painkillers and iv fluids along with extermination all the maggots. It will take five to six weeks to heal his wound with food, care and lots of motivation and love.

YOU can be part of Alphonso’s journey, he needs all the help he can get. We have seen cases like this before and amazingly the wound begins to heal and the animal survives & goes on to live a happy healthy life. We really want that for Alphonso, so please consider a small donation to help him. All donations are most welcome, however small.

Thank you.

We will bring updates as we receive them…

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