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This video & story are one of the saddest we’ve seen & absolutely broke our heart…it comes to us from Cebu, The Philippines.

This little puppy was crying & still trying to suck milk, whilst desperately trying to wake her dead mother.

The mother dog & one pup were the victims of a “hit & run” driver who ran over them whilst the pups were sucking milk, but “Angel” survived.

Their rescuer “Fe Calipay” said when she came across this tragic scene, she just sat & cried. Local people just mocked the puppy for trying to feed of her dead mother & nobody stopped to help. Fe says…

“That’s how I found her, I was like a candle that melted & I lost all my strength looking at her”.

Fe knew this mother dog & fed her regularly at the local market. She was terrified of humans & Fe was trying for many weeks to gain her trust. She didn’t realise the dog had 2 young puppies until she came across this tragic scene.

“Angel” is now in the care of Fe , after she rescued her at the scene & immediately took her to the vet. Fe will be adopting Angel herself as she wants to ensure she is safe & has a good life & doesn’t live on the streets.

Angel needs vaccinating, treatment for mange (which she caught from her mother), worming, supplements & nutritious food. We’d like to help her do that.

So we are trying to raise $300 to pay the vet bills for little Angel. Its a miracle she survived & we want to ensure she receives the best of care now & goes onto lead a happy life.

Please help with a donation if you can, however small.

Thank you.


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