$160 Raised 7 Donors $300 Goal


We have been approached by the kind people of the animal welfare organisation “Elpida of Mesologgi” to help raise some funds for this beautiful boy called “Apollon”.

This 4 year old boy was found wandering the streets of Mesologgi with severe dehydration, malnutrition & vomiting. Goodness knows how long he’d been suffering like this & he was in a very bad state when they came to his aid.

Apollon also tested positive for Erlichia & blood parasites. His teeth and gums were also infected & causing him lots of pain.

Once in veterinary care, his condition worsened and an urgent endoscopic procedure was performed to look down his osophegus where infection was found.

Apollon has suffered a lot on the streets and without intervention he would have got worse and probably died.

The work of groups like “Elpida” is crucial in saving the lives of these animals who often spend years roaming streets, scavenging for food & risking their lives.

Our aim is to raise 300USD towards Apollon’s veterinary care. Please consider sending a donation however small to help him recover. Thank you x


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