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Kim was found lying injured in a gutter beside the road in rural Mae Rim, Thailand – just a baby.

A good Samaritan and dog lover, Tony McManus, just happened to cross paths with this injured soul and could not walk by. Tony immediately took Kim to the local vet and he was diagnosed with a broken leg and a double abdominal hernia. Tony then went on to the Chiang Mai Small Animal Hospital where a more thorough exam and specialists could be found. They confirmed the same diagnosis. Kim is also suffering from anemia, low white blood and platelet counts – possible blood parasites.

Kim, is presently being fostered by Tony at his home being treated for anemia and inflammation treatment. Once strong, Kim will then undergo surgery to correct the double hernia. After a 2 week recovery period, he will undergo surgery to correct the femur fracture which will require a pin. If he appears strong enough, he may undergo both ops on the same day, but this is unlikely given his young age. The cost of his treatment and surgeries is estimated to be 12,000 Thai baht.

Tony is a pensioner struggling and was in no position to stop and care for a puppy that was going to require so much medical care – and yet he DID stop! He has appealed to Hand to paw to help with Kim’s medical costs and we are asking our supporters to find in your heart to help the little guy please make a donation! Thank you.


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