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Beauty when found

Beauty was found wandering the streets of a village in a northern province of Thailand.

Beauty was dumped like a piece of garbage.  A kind local woman found her in dreadful condition & brought her to a local vet . Sadly the woman could not offer poor Beauty a home so she was returned to the local street where she was found. Not long after that her condition worsened.

A local rescuer notified Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati and she sent a pet taxi to pick her up and bring her to Bangkok. This poor baby was covered in millions of ticks and fleas & continually shaking in fear.   They clinic needed to shave her to be able to assess the severity of her problems, as her hair was extremely matted & filthy.  Her eyes were so infected and at first the vet was afraid it was eye disease.  However, he found that her tooth is the problem. The root canal is severely infected to the point the puss is leaking out of her eye!  Her platelet counts and blood-work came back showing that surgery is too risky in her current condition.  She was weak and urgently  needed a blood transfusion.

Luck appears to be with Beauty  as she seems to understand that she has been saved and she has started to be very co-operative with the vet & her treatment.. She eats well and is recovering fast.  Her blood count has started to improve after just a few days.

Beauty is a gentle old Terrier mix. She clearly used to be a family pet by the way she feels safe and relaxed when she’s in a home environment. She is currently on antibiotics along with other medications. She will need to improve a bit more before her badly infected tooth can be removed & she can be spayed.

Fingers are crossed that she can will be adopted by a good family once she has the surgery and time to heal.

Please help with a donation in any amount towards this brave soul’s  surgery and care.

Thank you!

In the clinic undergoing treatment


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