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Bella is nine years old & has lived at the dog shelter in Syros, Greece HER ENTIRE LIFE.

The shelter volunteers found her as an 8 week old puppy dumped in a garbage bin with her brother. Both puppies were terrified and very malnornourished & had they not been found would have suffocated & starved to death in the bin.

Sadly Bella has recently developed a cancer in her rear leg & the only way to save her life is to amputate. She can no longer walk without crying in pain. The vet advises she’s still otherwise healthy so surgery must go ahead asap.

Bella has had a very sad life. Her brother died at six years old due to a bowel obstruction, so she lost her soul mate & was very depressed.. After that 2 female dogs were introdcued to Bella’s kennel to keep her company and soon after both were adopted. Just as the shelter has found her a new kennel mate whom she loves to be with, this cancer has now occurred.

There is still some hope that one day Bella will be able to find a family of her own. She’s a timid but calm, gentle girl who would flourish in a loving home.

We would like to raise $350 for Bella’s urgent life saving surgery. Please give a little for Bella so she can get through this & smile again. Thank you x

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