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Bella immediately after her rescue by the lady who almost ran her over


Little Bella was found doing ” the death walk” up the middle of the night in Bali, Indonesia. She had been dumped at the local market prior and was so sick and miserable that she was just staggering up the street with her head hung low. She had given up on life.

Bella had been trying desperately to survive on the streets for some time and no had helped her, despite her obvious state of distess.

Aimlessly wandering all over the road, Bella was almost hit by a passing car. The driver (a kind lady) had to screech on her brakes to avoid hitting Bella. She then jumped out and grabbed her. That’s when Bella’s life suddenly changed. One caring person appeared cared enough to stop!

Bella was suffering terrible skin conditions and various medical problems due to her malnourished state. She is also blind in one eye.

Bella has a foster carer waiting for her in Canada, and a flight is available for her in a few weeks time. The local rescue organisation in Indonesia “ACT 4 Bali Dogs” has asked for our help to raise funds for Bella’s flight. We saw Bella’s photos and just had to say yes.

Please if you can offer a donation towards Bella’s flight you will be changing this little girl’s life for ever. Let’s show her how much we care and help her on the last part of her journey to a happy life.

Little Bella is also blind in one eye

She was dumped at a local market and trying to fend for herself on the street. Poor poor baby


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