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Big has multiple health problems including TVT (Transmissable Venereal Tumor)


Sometimes Thai dogs have families that are extremely poor. They can barely afford to feed themselves and any animals in their care often suffer. Big is one of those dogs and we’ve been asked to help him by “All Animals are Suay”.

Big belongs to a very poor family in Chiang Mai and he is in extremely poor health. He has a yeast infection in one of his ears, has alopecia, glaucoma in one eye (which will need to be completely removed), TVT on his penis that looks quite bad, and possibly a tumor on his chest (we will be testing it shortly to see for sure if it is cancer or not).

Big needs several chemotherapy treatments for the TVT, blood parasite treatent, his painful eye removed and further tests. All of these will cost around $450.

This big guy is loved very much, but without treatment he won’t live long. All his ailments are potentially curable and we have to give him this chance to recover and be happy and healthy again.

Your donations will help Big to receive the help & treatment he needs. Thank you for helping him.

He is suffering from blood parasites and needs medication

His eye has glaucoma and needs urgent removal


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