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This is Billy… he was found in an open food market in Bangkok.

He kept approaching people, showing his indured paw to passers by, almost like he was asking for help!

Locals say he has been living with this injury for almost a year and as he sleeps so close to the cars, we can only assume that his paw was run over by cars or motorbikes.

Iza Mirzakhanian from Local Rescue & Re-Homing Group – “Soi Dogs Matter” rescued Billy & took him to the vet. Sadly there is too much nerve damage in his injured foot and it has been left untreated for too long, so the best solution that will take away his pain, is amputation.

Billy is estimated to be between 3-5 years, with some front teeth missing, probably also due to the accident. He is the most perfect dog, gentle, house trained, good with dogs and cats. We are more certain he used to be an owned “house dog” before his was likely dumped & his tragic & heart breaking life began on the street.

Soi Dogs Matter have asked for our help with funding Billy’s surgery & medical care which will cost $350. This lovely boy deserves to be pain free and happy and we will make sure this time around, he gets a forever home.

Please consider helping with a donation however small to help this beautiful, friendly boy who deserves a better life.

Thank you x.

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