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This is Bobo… He was found at the Howrah Railway Station, a suburb of Kolkata, India.

This dog is a distemper survivor – somehow he’s miraculously beated this horrid disease on his own without treatment. We know this from the tell tale “twitches” in his body (a common after affect).

Found by local Rescuer Shreemoyee Chakraborty (whom K9aid are now trying to support where possible), Shremoyee tells us that none of the locals could tell her much about this dog, which is usually the norm. On asking around the local area, all she could gather was that he’d had this massive tumor on his leg for over a year.

Shremoyee desperately wants this poor soul to have surgery and be rid of this ghastly tumor and hopefully live a healthy life. She says “he is such a sweet boy, i’d love to find him a home eventually. He’s had to go into a boarding shelter prior to surgery because no-one wanted to foster him because of his twitches.” How sad …

Bobo’s surgery will be performed by a vet known to Shremoyee “Dr Gosh” and we all hope for a good biopsy result.

In the meantime, we desperately need to raise US$250 for Bobo’s surgery. This is an operation that could potentially save his life and afterwards hopefully give him a better one.

Please consider a donation for Bobo however small. Every donation helps!
Thank you x

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