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He’s been named Bobo & we’ve no idea what happened to him to cause these horrific wounds, but the vet suspects they’re from boiling water!

Sadly the terrible injuries inflicted on this poor soul are difficult to show online, so we’ve had to remove the color from the images. But if you flick through all the images, you can uncover the colored version too.

Bobo was dumped in a feeding area in remote Thailand, where street dogs come regularly to receive food from locals who care for them. The feeder who found Bobo rushed him to the local vet, who was not equipped to deal with wounds like this. So Bangkok Rescuer “Iza Mirzakhanian” arranged for Bobo to be urgently transported to Bangkok for emergency treatement yesterday.

Iza says…
” Bobo needs a blood transfusion to begin with, before anything else can be done. Seems like we have to remove his testicles and the wound healing will take at least a month for him to be “out of the woods”. We are not able to find blood in any blood banks & Bobo urgently needs 2 bags. So I have just brought in my own dogs to do cross matching and hoping for a miracle! I have 2 other dogs on stand by. Blood is only the first half of the problem – then comes the surgery and then the wound healing.”

It’s going to be a long, expensive road to recovery for poor Bobo. This sweet boy is stealing hearts and the Bangkok Vet says he was

“shocked how normal this poor dog behaves, despite the pain he’s in”.

The estimated cost for Bobo’s ongoing treatment is approx $800usd. Iza is trying to raise funds herself also, so we’d like to try raise $500 towards Bobo’s treatment if possible.

This little dog is suffering & he’s around 10 years old, so please if you an help with a donation however small, it will be truly appreciated. Thank you x

p.s. we will update on Bobo’s progress.

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