$345 Raised 9 Donors $550 Goal
The Bodhi Dog Rescue Shelter in Phuket Thailand , home to 200 rescued street dogs is literally falling to bits! Roofing is falling down, gates are broken and the rainy season is about to start in Thailand. 
Tropical downpours will mean the roof is at risk of collapse, the dogs get wet, food is ruined & the whole shelter becomes an extremely unsafe environment for both dogs & their carers.
Bodhi are trying desperately raise donations to make the repairs that are desperately needed and we’d really like to help them. They care for so many sick & injured dogs and exist solely on donations. They are currently struggling financially as the covid pandemic has caused many supporters to cancel or suspend their donations.
A volunteer handyman is already at the shelter ready to start repairs, we just need to raise some funds for materials! This is our chance to help them survive & make the shelter a safe, dry & happy place again! Any donation however small will help.
Thank you x

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