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This desperate plea comes to us from Gabriela Leonhard who runs the wonderful disabled sanctuary for dogs in Thailand. Please give a little to help by “Bravecto” to protect the dogs from ticks & fleas.

 We are trying to raise USD$600 to help buy Bravecto, as tick related diseases can be deadly to these dogs.

From Gabriela… “We are Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary located deep in the Heart of Thailand. Currently we are taking care of about 550 dogs, rescued from the illegal Dog Meat trade, abusive Situations and accidents. Out of those, approximately 130 are disabled with hind limb Paralysis and/or special needs and the problem of Ticks and Fleas is OUT OF CONTROL.

We need your help desperately, because Frontline can’t be used on our disabled babies. We desperately need 100 bottles of Bravecto (see picture below), which comes in tablet form and protects the dogs from pests for 3 months at a time. At a cost of US$21 per dog, it breaks down to about $7 per month for each dog. Fleas and Ticks bring deadly diseases with tremendous Veterinarian Costs and need to be eliminated and prevented.

Please help us to help them by giving a little. Every amount, and may it be little, gets us closer to the goal of keeping those deadly pests away which claim the lives of so many animals.”

Thank you x

Some of the disabled dogs at the Saved Souls Sanctuary who need urgent protection from ticks & fleas

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