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Bunny when rescued by RAC, in a terrible state


This very sad case comes to us from our friends from Rural Animal Care (RAC) in Zimbabwe.

The dog’s name is “Bunny” and she lives in a rural village in Zimbabwe where veterinary care is almost unheard of. She was found in terrible pain & suffering from a large, raw TVT Tumor on her genital area. The tumor had obviously been there for some time & the flies were buzzing around her causing her much stress. TVT is a Transmissable Venereal Tumor and if left untreated can be fatal.

To add to her discomfort, Bunny had given birth to puppies, two months prior who were all milling around her, looking for comfort.

When Rural Animal Care learned about this case, they sent their pet amublance driver ” Tawanda” who drove Bunny & her pups to the nearest vet. One of the puppies arrived in a pool of foul smelling bloody diarrhea & was sadly beyond help and put to sleep. The remaining 3 puppies have all been diagnosed with parvo virus & put on drips in an isolation ward in attempt to save their lives.

Because so few dogs are sterilized in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, there are lots of TVT cases (which are a form of STD). Fortunately, although the tumours are cancerous, they respond well to chemotherapy & we want to ensure Bunny gets that chance! RAC will also provide rehab for Bunny in her recover period.

In the meantime, all 3 of the pups are still undergoing treatment – not yet out of the woods, but holding their own – and we’ll keep you posted on their progress. Having said that, whatever the outcome, this is going to be a costly little exercise.

RAC have asked for our help in this tragic case & we would like to try and raise USD$500 to help Bunny & her pups and give them the best chance of survival.

Any donation for Bunny & her pups (however small), RAC will be very grateful.

Thank you.

Bunny’s 3 remaining puppies all have Parvo Virus. The first pup gets canula inserted

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