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Cha Am after his wound cleaning

Cha Am was found in a horrific state of distress…

Thai rescuer, Oranuch Nuch Banyam, received a call from a distressed person who had located a street dog with a massive head wound. 

Sensing the stress in the caller’s voice, Oranuch rushed over to the location and found this poor dog lying on the sidewalk.  He was extremely weak and when she looked inside the huge open wound she saw hundreds of maggots moving about!

We’ve only shared a few of the photos as most are far too graphic to post. “Cha Am” (named afterthe town he was found) would have died shortly and was in such horrific pain that Oranuch immediately took him to the vet clinic.  She did this knowing full well that she will be responsible for the bill which will be over $550 USD.

The wound has been cleaned of the maggots, flushed and thankfully Cha Am is now on constant pain medication and antibiotics.  He will have to remain at the clinic for at least one month for daily treatment and to allow the wound to close. The vet thinks he should make a full recovery with the correct treatment. 

Please donate today to help with Cha Am’s care & recovery. Without rescuers like Oranuch, dogs like this would die horrible deaths on the street.

Thank you.

Cha Am when first located on the streets in terrible pain

The first step of his treatment is underway

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    • Barb

      Please post. Address for acheck

      • Cindy Amey

        Hello Barb, I assume you are in the USA? If so then you can post a check to our partner organisation (LIFE Animal Rescue) and they will forward the funds to us.

        As our charity is registered in Australia, so we cannot accept checks from any other countries except Australia. This is why LIFE Animal Rescue accept checks on our behalf.

        Please make your check out to
        and post it to: 3960 Cornell Rd Agoura CA 91301

        Can you please put a note in with the check saying “for K9Aid fundraiser Cha Am”.

        If you have any further queries please email me directly cindy@k9aid.org

        Thank you so much for your support & helping Cha Am recover.
        Cindy Amey

      • Cindy Amey

        Hi Barb,
        I gave the address to post check in previous message

        Please make your check out to
        and post it to: 3960 Cornell Rd Agoura CA 91301

        Please let me know when you post it so i can ask them to look out for it.

        Many thanks!

      • Cindy Amey

        Hi Barb, Please post it to: 3960 Cornell Rd Agoura CA 91301
        Please make check out to LIFE ANIMAL RESCUE

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