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This story really saddened us. It comes to from rescuer Che Garcia in The Philippines.

A few days ago, Che’s sister heard a dog crying in her street and went to investigate. Her neighbours had recently sold their house & had moved out . She followed the cries and found their dog “Charlie” crying in a vacant lot near the house. The family had abandoned him! Charlie was frightened, alone wondering why his family left him behind. This type of situation truly breaks our hearts…how could anyone leave this beautiful soul behind?

Charlie is 8 years old and is sick (suffering from a disease called leptospirosis). This is a very serious disease which often claims dogs’ lives. Once the body cures the disease damage caused by the bacteria it leaves behind often leads to liver &/or kidney failure. The disease causes fever, shivering, vomiting, lethargy etc & Charlie is currently very unwell.

Charlie is currently at the vets (see photos) & Che has asked for our help to pay for the veterinary bills and medication that will ensure Charlie gets through this. He is a beautiful loving dog & she desperately wants to help him get well.

Once Charlie has recovered , Che’s sister has offered to adopt Charlie, giving him a safe, loving home for the rest of his life, vowing never to abandon him!

Many of these rescuers often self funded cases like this, but due to them losing their jobs & livelihoods (due to covid) they can no longer afford to help these dogs without some kind of support.

So please if you can help, just a little bit with a small donation we will be very grateful. We’d really like to help Charlie.

Thank you.

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