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This poor creature was found by Tamara Johnston from Thai Street Paw Rescue in Songkhla, Thailand.

Tamara says…

“Whilst feeding dogs in the streets she came across Chilli & my heart broke!…I have no idea how this boy has survived this long. I fed my street dogs and then rushed back to the sanctuary to grab a crate. Thankfully he was easy to lure into the cage with food”.

Tamara quickly took Chilli to the vet clinic where he tested positive for blood parasites – E-canis and Anaplasmosis. He has an elevated liver function and white blood cell count and is anaemic. The wound on the side of his back is from a sharp blade and will need surgery once he is strong enough. A skin scrapping showed sarcoptic mites. He was also dehydrated. His spine seems twisted, but it may be due to the wound.

We are all hoping Chilli will survive, he’s still eating which is a great sign. His nose started to bleed a little, which is likely due to the blood parasite infection. Tonight he has received pain relief, antibiotics, IV fluids and a blood stimulant.

Thai Street Paws are really struggling right now, like many small shelters in Thailand & around the world. Tamara says …

“The last thing we needed was another dog and more expenses, but this boy needed our help.”.

We’re trying to raise $400 so that Tamara can give Chilli all the veterinary care he desperately needs to recover. Please help us if you can, any donation however small will help.

Tamara is also looking for a local foster for Chilli, if anyone in the Songkhla area would like to help this poor boy.

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