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This is the terrible scene that faced rescuer “Che Garcia” on the streets of The Philippines last week.

This is the message we received from Che…

” Hi Cindy, I just passed this dog on the street going home, I don’t know how to explain her terrifying situation or how to help her!”

We knew immediately from the photo, that this was a severe case of TVT (Transmissable Venereal Tumor), which although it looks horrible, with special chemo treatment is usually cureable. But without treatment, the dog will die.

We told Che that we would start a fundraiser for this poor dog (now called “Choco”) and Che sent photos to the local vet clinic, who advised her what would need to be done to save this street dog’s life.

The vet clinic advised that Choco would need:

  • Blood work
  • Several chemo sessions
  • Various medications
  • a crate for her to recover & be transported to and from the clinic for treatment

The first thing we needed to do was purchase a proper crate. A lovely donor generously donated funds toward this but Che was still $40 short , so K9Aid sent emergency funds to cover this. (Thank you recurring K9aid donors – this is just one item you paid for this month!).

Che then went with the crate to rescue Choco & took her to her house.

The estimated cost for Choco’s treatment including bloodwork, chemo medication, vet fee’s,, transport, surgery, additional meds is $670 & our fundraiser hopes to raise this amount.

Che told us that she’s learned from locals that Choco’s previous owner sold their house and left the dog behind. This happened a year ago, meaning Choco has been trying to survive on the streets ever since. Cases of abandonment like this are particularly heartbreaking. This poor dog must wonder where her family went and why she’s suffering so much.

Choco has been prescribed Amoxiclav & Prednisone for a week & by next saturday she will be ready for her first chemo session. She is only around 3 years old and deserves to live a happy life.

Please help us save Choco. Any donation however small will help!

Thank you x

Update: A kind local family (good people) have offered to look after Cleo during her treatment & may even decide to adopt her! Che will keep us updated on her progress.



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