$195 Raised 10 Donors $350 Goal


This is Coco. He’s a 2 year old stray dog who has been living at the City Pound in Olongapo, which is 150kms from Manila (The Phillipines).

Manila rescuer Jervy Castillo was asked by locals if she could help this poor boy and after she saw his photos, she could not say no. So Coco was transported to Manila and is now in veterinary care, leaving Jervy to raise money to help this poor boy.

Coco has unfortunately tested positive to Distemper, Ehrlichia (a serious tick borne disease) and a form of cancer called TVT (Transmissable Venereal Tumor). The wounds covering his body are TVT, as are the tumors in this eyes.

This poor boy is suffering a lot, but with the right treatment, TVT can be successfully cured. Jervy could not turn away from Coco’s condition and she is committed to help him as she does many stray dogs in The Phillippines.

Coco’s treatment is expected to be around $800- $1000 and Jervy will be doing everything she can to pay that herself and hopefully raise some more donations. Our aim is to raise $350 towards this goal which will pay for Coco’s initial treatment and care.

Any donations towards Coco’s treatment will be greatly appreciated. He really does need your help.


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