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Cornelia when first rescued.


This sick, old Toy Poodle (now called Cornelia) was found abandoned last week in Pattaya, Thailand. She’d been left on the street in an old bamboo chicken cage, containing a dish with old dried up food & dirty water. She’d been left alone in this cage to die.

Her fur was matted with poo & her frail little body covered in hundreds of mosquitos & dog bites. Dirt was caked in her eyes, she was dehydrated, malnourished and her nails were extremely long. We’ve since learned that Cornelia is almost completely blind & has a broken jaw from an old injury.

Local rescuer Josie Hunt found Cornelia and immediately took her to the local vet clinic where her she was given a bath, her fur & nails cut and her bite wounds treated.

As she will undoubtedly heal faster out of a veterinary environment, with lots of love & care, an American lady “Tiffany” (who has a lot of experience with such cases) has kindly offered to foster Cornelia in Pattaya and is willing to do everything to help her get well again. She desperately wants someone to love & care for her. Cornelia is at least 10 years old & sleeps a lot. Whenever she is cuddled, her trembling stops and she becomes more relaxed.

Your donations are needed to bring Cornelia back to healthy by providing special nutritious food to build up her strength, eye drops, vitamins & minerals. She also has a lung infection, liver disease & Anemia and will need several courses of antibiotics.

Thankfully Cornelia was found early as the place she was abandoned is now flooded due to heavy rains. She would not have survived those conditions.

There have been several offers to adopt this sweet old lady both locally and abroad, but for now we are waiting for the medication to heal her little body & make her healthy, and then her future can be decided.

Please help us heal Cornelia with a donation towards her treatment. 

Thank you for helping this poor, sweet old lady. x

The foster cuddles she loves so much which calm her trembling.

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