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Her name Dahlia. In the darkness of night, someone threw her away like garbage, outside the gates of Habiba & Friends Animal Shelter in Cairo Egypt.

A pack of stray dogs Gound Dahlia that night & attacked her ferociously, biting her neck & puncturing her little body so badly, she almost died.

The shelter owner – Bilkes Ibrahem found Dahlia the next morning in front of the shelter, bleeding profusely, unable to move & screaming out in agony for someone to help her. Her little body literally full of holes.

Bilkes has been looking after Dahlia, cleaing, disinfecting & attending to her wounds. She is also taking strong antibiotics to keep away infection.

Bilkes tells us that Dahlia is a sweet & friendly girl. How someone could throw her away & not care what happens to her is unforgiveable. Had she not been outside the shelter perimeter, chances are she’d never have been found & died in agony from her injuries.

As you can see by the video, Dahlia is trusting of people and allows Bilkes to attend to wounds several times per day. She knows she’s being helped & people care about her.

We’d like to raise some donations to help Dahlia recover. The antibiotics, topical medications & regular cleaning will undoubtedly save her life, but they cost money & Bilkes has many animals in her care.

Hopefully we can raise $300 to ensure that Dahlia receives all the care she needs & also some supplements to help with her recover.

Any donation however small will help. Thank you x


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