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In a city called Asyut in Egypt (300kms from Cairo), a stray dog was spotted roaming the streets with an horrific neck wound.

We’ve seen this type of wound several times before and it’s caused by a piece of string being tied around the dogs neck when it’s a puppy. The pup grows and the string gradually cuts into the neck causing gross deformation, swelling of the head & above all tremendous pain & suffering and eventually death.

The kind people at Habiba & Friends Animal Shelter told us about this dog whom they desperately wanted to capture and save from a horrible death. After several weeks of sightings of her on the streets they finally they caught her.

She’s was in a very bad way and was immediately taken to the vet where the string was removed & she’s now on antibiotics & antihistamins. The Habiba Shelter has her in their care and the vet comes every day to administer medication, check her wound and change dressings.

The treatment will take 3 weeks and cost $480. After treatment, the vet will assess whether her wound will require surgery.

K9Aid used emergency funds to have this dog captured. Now we need your help to provide the treatment she desperately needs. She also has no name, so any suggestions would be most welcome.

She needs your help! Thank you x

The horrific neck wound found on this poor dog



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