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This is the kind of case that reduces us to tears… Little Emily’s right hind leg is half missing. Its been eaten away by maggots which have also infested her other leg and her neck.

This poor soul had been suffering like this for 3 days, when Indian Rescue Group “Helping Hands for Animals India” was alerted to her case & went to find her.

When the kind rescuers reached her, they told us they promised her that “we will let all her pain go away soon and give her lots of love and care”. They named her Emily and immediately started her treatment with painkillers and iv fluids and killing the maggots. The rescuers said “Despite so much pain Emily let us touch her with ease and she realised we were there to help her. We will do our best to bring a smile on her face.”

Emily will shortly be undergoing an amputation surgery & steriliztion, once they feel she is strong enough to withstand the operation. We will share update photos as we receive them.

Till then, keep Emily in your thoughts, send her love and if you can, a small donation towards her life saving surgery. Helping Hands has asked for our help, as they are having difficulty raising enough donations for this poor dog.

Update coming soon.

Thank you x

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