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In 2017 over 2,675 Thai street dogs AND 480 cats were sterilized by our SNIP Team in Bangkok.

They’ve also sterilized over 500 dogs at the notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump site. For 2018, our goal is to increase this as much as we possibly can.

If a female dog has, on average, four pups every six months with enough food she can produce more than 5,000 descendants within five years! Our goal is to raise $300 each month within 2018 which will equal 360 SNIP Packs helping to vaccinate all those dogs AND preventing a tremendous amount of pregnancies which would lead to even more pregnancies!

These surgical packs contain LIFE SAVING VACCINES (Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus & Parvo Virus) as well as SUTURE MATERIAL to close their spay/neuter wound and SURGICAL SCISSORS.

Most Thai street dogs never visit a vet. If they get sick (which many do) they inevitably slowly die and in pain on the streets.

The SNIP Spay Neuter program’s aim is to alleviate unwanted suffering. Their aim is to sterilize more than 40 dogs every month in suburban Bangkok and outlying areas.

So please it’s not much to donate, but your donation to purchase a surgical pack could not only potentially save a life but help to PREVENT SO MANY MORE STREET DOGS! We need 30 people each month to purchase a pack in order to reach the monthly $300 goal.


The notorious Cha Am Rubbish Dump

A puppy trying to fill his belly with trash.

The SNIP Team hard at work!

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