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Recent flooding & storms in Northern Thailand at the Saved Souls Foundation caused havoc!… The dog runs were completely flooded with it’s k9 residents wading in water, roofs demolished in the high winds and lots of damage to the shelter.

The shelter is home to over 600 animals including 80 disabled & paralysed animals that have nowhere else to go. As you can see the floodwaters totally engulf the dog runs and a permanent solution has to be found fast before it happens again.

The plan is to re-route the waters by installing new pipework. The entire shelter is built on a slope and drainage pipes need to be installed alongside the dog runs to direct the water to new pipes. The shelter is built on a slope so the water runs down to a rice field at the bottom which does not belong to the shelter. So large pipe needs to be installed there also.

Already urgent donations helped to buy benches to keep the dogs out of the floodwaters & a new roof has been installed.

The piping big job & will be expensive, but it really has to be done to avoid the runs being flooded again. K9Aid are trying to raise $500 which will definitely help pay to install the piping system, whilst Saved Souls try raising the rest of the money needed.

Please help if you can! All donations greatly received.

Thank you everyone!

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