$103 Raised 6 Donors $500 Goal

Fred – is a sweet old boy Thai boy , who is very friendly & loved by many at the factory in Rayong where he sleeps and is fed.

The locals were devastated when Fred was recently attacked by a bigger, younger, stronger dog causing a horrible head wound. A local Thai lady (who was very poor) tried to treat the wound herself, but it was too severe and Fred needed urgent veterinary care or he would die.

That’s when Rescue Group (Soi Dog Angels) was contacted and Fred was immediately picked up by a vet who was very concerned about Fred’s wound and feared for his life.

Amazingly after 3 days, Fred was breathing easier, the wound is starting to heal, his fever has subsided & he’s eating well. Like most Thai street dogs, Fred has a strong spirit and desperately wants to live!

Fred’s treatment will be long & expensive so Soi Dog Angels have asked for our help to raise funds to help this poor boy. Fred is loved by many local people and they’d like him to return to the factory once he’s fully recovered. He is sadly missed.

Please consider a donation to help this Thai street dog recover. Without your donations dogs like this would die painful deaths on the streets. Fred is one of the lucky ones, but he needs your help! We are hoping to raise $500 towards Fred’s treatment. Thank you.

Please note that Facebook will cover the images of Fred’s wound if we show them on this post. To see his wound photos please click the link below.

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