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This is “Freya”- she’s an Indian Street Dog.

She was found with both front legs torn apart crying in agony. She’d been in that condition for 3 days until someone rescued her & we can barely imagine how much fear & pain she suffered.

No-one knows what caused this horrific injury – it could have been a train accident or a case of cruelty, we will never know for sure.

Finally someone rescued Freya and although her eyes were wet with tears, they were stil full of life. It was obvious to her rescuers that this brave, precious soul wanted to live. So despite the their initial decision to put her to sleep & release her from pain, they realised they had to give her a chance to live. Her severed limb was amputated, the damaged limb bandaged & treated and everyone prayed she’d survive & be free of pain. Survive she did!!! Against all the odds she pulled through & broke many hearts in the process.

After 4 months she is now healed and is the most loving, beautiful soul despite her disability.

Freya now has the chance of a loving home, therapy and a new life with a wonderful lady in USA who has lots of experience with disabled dogs. She will get more love, more attention, more care and many friends! Whilst the search is on to find a Flight Volunteer to take Freya from India to the USA, our job is to RAISE ENOUGH DONATIONS TO PAY FOR HER FLIGHT! 

We are tring to raise $1000 to pay for Freya’s flight & her travel crate. This beautiful girl deserves this wonderful opportunity and we will do everything we can to help her.

Please consider a donation towards Freya’s life changing flight. Thank you x

Below is the heart wrenching video of when Freya was first rescued. WARNING THIS VIDEO MAY CAUSE DISTRESS TO SOME VIEWERS.

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