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Geng when first rescued in terrible pain.


This heart wrenching story of neglect comes from Joy Huss – Hand to Paw.

“Geng” was discovered this week by Marianne Willemse in the small rural village of Baan Mae Ann in Northern Thailand. What she saw was horrifying. Geng was visibly suffering from a very bad case of TVT (transmissible venereal tumor), a very contagious STD transferred between males and females. This poor suffering dog actually had an owner – we found that his state of neglect was sadly summed up by the few short words uttered from his owner, “I hate him”.

Marianne contacted Hand to Paw to see how we could help. From that moment forward we
were going to do what it takes to find the care and medical attention that he needs. The easy task was that Geng was willingly surrendered to us. Geng had to be sedated as he has had little love and attention in his life and this was the only way to get him to the vet clinic and away from this home of neglect.

It was here that we learned the full horrors that Geng has been suffering everyday. Not only does he have an advanced stage of TvT, his penis was covered in maggots, he was flea and tick infested, had torn ears, covered in mud, dehydrated, anemic and his toenails had grown so long they had curled under and were embedded into both of his two front paw pads making it near impossible for him to walk. Dr. Pat also expressed that someone had attempted to tie a rubber band around his penis – it was one of the worse cases she has ever seen.

Because of Geng’s numerous health issues we will need to board him at Dr. Pat’s vet clinic for a minimum of 6-8 weeks for him to receive weekly chemotherapy and be under the eye of a watchful vet. Here he will be fed regularly, convalesce, receive his daily medicines – but most importantly, he will be socialized with the staff and visitors to learn to trust and feel the touch of compassion. His healing will be long term, but with love and care we know he will pull through. TvT can be completely cured with proper chemo treatment. Geng will never go back to a place of suffering.”

Can you please help? With boarding and medical costs we need to raise USD460. Thank

Marianne taking Geng for urgent medical care

TVT and a rubber band had been tied around his penis. The pain must have been unbearable.

Geng receiving medical help.


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