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George immediately after resuce, he knew people were helping him. He’s a sweet, beautiful soul.


This is “George”. He’s been rescued by Thai Street Paws in Songkhla, Thailand. His awful condition shows just how much he’s been suffering trying to survive on the streets.

We learned tht George was one of 3 dogs abandoned by their owners to live or die! It also looks like he’s lived most of his life on a small chain.

After George was spotted on the streets in terrible condition, Thai Street paws were alerted & although very scared, his trust was gained enough for them to rescue this poor soul. George seemed to sense he was being helped and allowed Tamara to pick him up and take him to the vet clinic for assssment & treatement.

On arrival at the vet, it was all hands on deck for this poor soul.

  • His multiple wounds were cleaned & dressed.
  • His back right foot was full of maggots. Vets are hoping to save the foot from infection, but if not it will need to be amputated.
  • He was given tick & flea treatment.
  • Most of his matted hair was shaved.
  • Blood work down. His kidney and liver function are normal, but he has blood parasites which need treatment.
  • Given IV fluids for dehydration.

George will stay at the vet whilst his treatment continues & hopefully his infected foot can be saved. We won’t know for a few days if that will be possible.

If it was not for Thai Street Paws coming to his aid, George would have died on the streets.We need to raise $500 to pay for George’s treatment and get him well again. Then hopefully a forever home will be found for this sweet, innocent boy who has suffered so much. Our hearts just break for him, his eyes show nothing but sadness. We hope that will change.

Please help with a donation for George. Thank you x

Video shows Tamara from Thai Street Paws trying to gain George’s trust on the street, so she could rescue & take him to the vet.

Some of George’s infected woundsl. His foot may still need amputating if the infection does not respond to antibiotics.

All hands on deck to treat George on his arrival at the vet clinc in Songkhla

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