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The 2 horrific fractures of Goldy’s back legs after being hit by a car.


This beautiful 3 month old puppy “Goldy” was found dragging himself along the the streets of Chandigar in India. He was most likely hit by a car and suffered two broken legs with horrific fractures.

He was rescued by local rescue group “Peedu’s People” who immediately took him to a vet and posted his story on Facebook. His legs need major urgent surgery as soon as possible so they can be re-aligned surgically with plating & pins. This will hopefully allow him to walk again.

He needs to fly to Delhi for surgery and there is now just $350 left to pay for Goldy’s surgery. He will need to stay at the vet for 2 weeks post surgery.

The best news is that a Rescue in North Dakota, USA is very interested to rehome Goldy once he has recovered from his surgery! Indian street dogs rarely get a chance like this, so we just have to help him!

Goldy desperately needs this surgery and a chance to live a happy, pain free life in the USA. Just look a those x-rays!!

Please help with a donation for Goldie, all donations however small WILL HELP!

Thank you x

Beautiful Goldie needs urgent surgery to repair her legs so she can start a new life in America!

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