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The old and tattered dog houses Linda desperately needs to replace b4 the freezing winter months arrive to keep her precious rescue dogs warm,


This urgent plea comes from reknown Greek dog rescuer Linda Van Der Riet who runs her own small shelter in Athens, where she cares for around 50 rescued street dogs. 

Dog houses are crucial during the winter months as the Greek temperatures begin to plummet & the dogs love them. Many of Linda’s old dog houses are completely worn out and must urgently be replaced. The houses serve as a place of rest & retreat for the dogs. They can hide, sleep inside and be protected from all weather conditions.

Linda’s heart is enormous and she lives very simply. K9Aid have visited Linda several times and know first hand how much she cares and devotes her life to rescuing these poor souls whom she showers with love and regains their trust and their health.

$550 needs to be raised to purchase enough houses to keep all Linda’s rescue dogs warm & protected this winter. Please don’t let them go cold! Your donation will mean the world to Greek dog this winter.

The state of Linda’s dog houses left. Linda’s shelter right.

Linda’s heart is huge, she would do anything to help these dogs.


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