$115 Raised 9 Donors $1,500 Goal

Left: Greta at the Romanian shelter. Right: In her foster home in the UK


This is such a sad story… Greta & her sister Gaby had spent years at a notorious Romanian kill shelter where their lives were constantly in danger.

After being sponsored to travel to the UK just weeks ago, they made the long journey and are now both together in a wonderful foster home, waiting for someone special to adopt them both.

But when their foster mum found lumps on Greta’s chest, she had them checked & sadly Greta has breast cancer & the tumors need removal to save her life.

This procedure is expensive and we would like to try and raise the donations required so that Greta can have the surgery and still be able to find a forever home with her beloved sister Gaby.

The cost of the surgery is $1500 and we’re going to try out best to raise as much of this as we can.

These sisters deserve a happy life together, so please if you can send a donation towards Greta’s surgery (however small) it will help give them the a future to look forward to.

Thank you x

Greta & Gaby on their walkies in the UK

Greta contemplating


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