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Honey after Josie rushed her to the hospital. She has a dislocated hip and a broken leg.


Honey and her sister Sweetie are 8 week old puppies who last month, were dumped at a temple in Pattaya, Thailand.

The following week, during the busy Temple Market, Honey strayed away to the road and was hit by a car. Many people saw the car hit the tiny puppy & heard her scream in pain, but no-one helped this baby.

Local rescuer – Josie Hunt, feeds the dogs at this temple each morning, but that day she didn’t make it to the temple until 4pm. A man ran to Josie telling her that Honey had been hit & badly injured and was cowering under a table crying.

When Josie ran to Honey, she could not control her tears. This tiny puppy was in so much pain & had been suffering for hours and it completely broke her heart.

Josie rushed Honey to the vet hospital and xrays showed a broken leg and a dislocated hip which requires expensive surgery. The vet says Honey will be able to walk followng surgery but needs to stay in hospital for 3 weeks.

Josie has begged the temple monk to look after Sweetie whilst Honey recovers. Josie’s dream is to find both Honey and Sweetie loving homes.

Honey’s surgery costs US$280 and we are hoping our supporters will open their hearts to little Honey and offer a small donataion to make her well again.

Thank you x

Left: the monk who will look after Sweetie whilst Honey is in hospital. Right: Honey and Sweetie before the accident

Honey sad in hospital. Your donations will pay for the surgery to make her walk again.


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