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“Robert” is a stray Thai beach dog living in Bang Saphan, Thailand.

Robert is suffering from a severe case of mange & was finding it difficult to find food, so he started sitting outside a local restaurant. The restaurant owner didn’t want a mange ridden dog hanging about, so sadly instead of feeding & helping him, he threw Robert back on the beach.

Hungry & sick, Robert then decided to lay outside a Beach Resort hoping for scraps of food. Again, people let him down and the resort owner threatened to kill him if he wasn’t taken away immediately!

This was when Headrock Dogs Rescue was alerted and urgently went to rescue poor Robert, before something happened to this poor soul.

Robert is covered in mange & needs lots of medication and TLC to make him well again. He has weeping sores on his body which are very painful. He also has an injured back leg probably from an old injury which never healed. The leg looks like it’s atrophied as he can’t or won’t put it on the ground and is withered from lack of use. He’s a very sad dog by the look of his teeth, he’s not very old.

Robert is being cared for by Headrock Dogs Rescue & they have asked for our help in funding his treatment and recovery. He needs anti parasite medication, de-worming, antibiotics, multi vitamins and nutritious food, so that he can recover & be healthy.

This is probably the first time anyone has ever cared about him in his life. He’s a lovely boy and deserves to lead a happier, healthier life.

Any donation however small, Robert will be grateful. Thank you.


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