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CAN WE PLEASE HELP HENRY??!!! (urgent case)

This poor dog was found screaming in agony after laying in a house for 11 hours with bad injuries from a car accident in Hua Hin, Thailand! (video shows no blood all injuries internal)

This case comes to us from Hua Hin rescuer Brigitte Persson, who told us Henry’s story.

“Two days ago I received a call saying a dog had been hit by a car. I told the lady who rang “Panee” that we are barely surviving financally (as there are tons of dog cases at present) and to please find someone else to fundraise. But I went to check nonetheless….

It turns out Henry a big street dog who’d been hit by a car at 6am (dog feeder told us) and when we went there it was 5 pm almost eleven hours later! They couldn’t find anyone with funds to help this poor soul.

So we quickly bundled this dog onto the bike sidecar, as he was in agony, crying and having problems breathing. It’s taken us days to send him to a specialist (Thank you Dr Game for doing this) and get a final diagnosis.

Henry has now been diagnosed with a brain injury. His breathing issues have thankfully now stabilized. He is currently at Bonkai Vet. We have splurged on expensive mega painkillers so he should feel much better now.
Pray for Henry!”

So Brigitte has asked for our help to fundraise for Henry. We suspect his vet bill, medication & care will cost $450. Please help us with a donation for this poor old boy, he has nobody else to help him. Any donation however small will help Henry.

Thank you!.. we will bring you updates on Henry’s progress.


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