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Henry when first rescued by Bim & Boon. Pusss ozzing from his nasal cancer & very distressed


Bim & Boon – dog resuers from Mad4SoiDogs in Thailand heard about a dog tied up in their area, who was in terrible distress.

“Henry” had a huge swollen nose oozing with puss. The pain must have been dreadful.The diagnois from the vet was a nasal cavity cancer called Adinocarcinoma. Bim also discovered that Henry had been tied up for over 2 years, since he was a baby! The owner of Henry who was in no way capable to care for him, agreed to surrender Henry into Bim & Boon’s care.

Bim & Boon have been caring for Henry and he is halfway through the chemo treatment for his cancer & is making some progress, but he has a long way to go in order to save his life.

Henry will be given a forever home with Bim & Boon once he recovers and enjoy the freedom and love he’s sadly never experienced. Bim & Boon say that “Henry is so calm and loving despite everything he has been through.

Please help Henry if you can. We expect the full cost to recovery to be around 350USD. Bim & Boon currently look after and feed around 30 thai Street Dogs and it is growing all the time. Without your help they would not be able to continue to rescue and care for Henry & dogs like him.

$350 is not much to save this poor boy’s life. Please help if you can as every donation counts!

Thank you x

Herny after several chemo sessions, the lesion is beginning to respond to treatment.


Henry had been tied up for 2 years since he was a baby

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