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A Dog Called Herb…

A Hua Hin, Thailand rescuer was driving home from work when she saw a dog walking with great difficulty due to a massive growth in his Testicles.

The image of this poor soul IN SO MUCH PAIN was seared into her mind & she knew she had to help him.

Fortunately, everyone in the neighborhood knew of the dog with the extra-large growths and she found him fast! It turns out the dog had an owner who loved him, but she was poor and had no money to do expensive tests and treatments.  Meanwhile the dog now known as “Herb” (English version name), was now in agony due to all of the open wounds dripping blood and it was hard for him to walk or even sit down!

After bringing him to vet it was clear not only his testis & penis were affected, but also his eyes.  The estimate from the local vet is that Herb who has Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor or commonly known as TVT, will need to be urgently treated with Chemo for a minimum of 4 weeks. possible longer.  if not longer due to it’s advanced state.

He also has an infection in his eyes causing 80% vision loss . The Vet would also like to do surgery to close up the tumor ruptures after Chemo, to stop infections from starting inside the Tumor cavities.  Estimated total cost of $540 USD.

Please help with a donation in any amount to help poor Herb with a chance at a pain free life. Thank you.

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