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 Rescued dogs need cover from the freezing temperatures at night in Egypt.

At HFAS (Habiba and Friends Animal Shelter) located in Cairo, Egypt they find themselves as one of very few animal shelters in this country.  As a result, the need for expansion has come quickly.  They need help with funding to ready their shelter for the extremely cold nightly temperatures in the desert.  Whilst the day time temperatures are generally HOT, the night time temperatures can reach FREEZING.

They have been gradually building covered enclosures for the dogs, but with donations so slow, they have been unable to complete them & winter is setting in fast! They desperately need to put roofs on & finish the constuction.

Bilkes Ibrahem who owns and manages HFAS says “The pressing matter at the moment is the enclosures for the dogs, as the weather is freezing and the dogs are outside! Bilkes has also asked us for barrels and blankets – both used to keep the dogs warm.

Please don’t let them go cold! Your donation will mean the world to an Egyptian dog this winter.

So let’s all join together and give them the best holiday gift ever – SHELTER!

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