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Kolkata rescuer – Mukta Das feeding dogs on the side of the road


The devastating impact of the Covid Pandemic in India right now is truly horrifying.

K9Aid have received desperate plea’s for help from several Indian Rescuers we work with, as many of them have been personally struck down with the virus. Not only do they have themselves & their families & friends to worry about, but also the many animals in their care. If these rescuers are sick, there is often nobody to look after the animals in these small rescues and as a result dogs will starve, not receive medical care & die.

Many of these Rescuers also feed animals on the streets at regular places each day. This is now not possible as the rescuers themselves struggle with their own health on a daily basis.

A small donation will go a long way in these tragic circumstances. These people are already struggling financially to afford food & medication for the animals as a result of the intial covid outbreak last year, with many losing their jobs. Now with this horrific new outbreak things have become much much worse!


Below is a message we received from Kolkata rescuer “Shremoyee” who feeds many dogs & cats on the streets – it’s truly heart breaking…

” I am doing okay, but my anxiety is at its peak with the world literally collapsing around me. So many of my family and friends are affected, a few of them are no more. No ventilators, no oxygen, no vaccines. The poorest of them all won’t even get access to vaccines as it’s really expensive for them and there is an acute shortage. It’s like living a terrible nightmare. I am taking precautions and I have been lucky, I haven’t got the virus though I have been in close contact with people who have tested positive. My partner has got it the second time now. I hope and pray that I don’t get it because I cannot stop going out, my dogs and cats will starve if I did. I just want this to get over somehow and soon”

We’d like to be able to help them & ease their burden just a little by providing them with food & essential medications, help with transport costs to reach these animals on the streets etc & urgent veterinary care where needed.

We’ve been watching the plight of the Indian people for weeks now & its heart breaking. Having animals dependent on you for survival right now as well, must truly be a nightmare.

Can we help them please? We’ve set up an urgent fundraiser to try and raise $1000 for the street dogs of India so that the wonderful people who care for them have one less thing to worry about .

Any donation however small will help them!

Thank you x

Indian street dog being given life saving treatment from a rescuer

Dogs in need on the streets of India made worse by the impacts of the pandemic

Rescuers feed dogs on the streets every day & now this is much much harder!

The love & care shown by these rescuers to the street dogs of India is heart warming.

Rescuer Ashish Thacker and his beloved street dogs

dogs are given treatment on the streets in India by these rescuers every day

Rescuing, treating & caring dogs off the streets is difficult at the best of times in India. Now it’s even harder.

A tiny kitten found on the streets by Shremoyee, needing milk & round the clock care during the covid pandemic











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