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Jaja’s tragic story stretches back to March 2018 when she was first rescued.

Three years ago, this dear little Shihtzu was found suffering from mange & neglected by her owner because of her condition. A concerned neighbour contacted local rescuer Dominique who went to investigate. When she arrived at the owner’s apartment, she found Jaja confined to a small cage. Her fur was matted & she was visibly unhealthy. Jaja’s cage was situated outside the apartment in the garage, whilst a “new dog” was enjoying living inside the home. The owners admitted to feeding Jaja only rice!

Dominique took Jaja to her home (where she looks after many rescued dogs) where she cared for her & began treating her mange. Dominique says

” I could feel her loneliness of being neglected by her own fur parents, like she was being dumped”

Jaja was doing well living with Dominique and the other dogs she cares for until last year when Jaja got in the way of a dog fight and was accidentally attacked. This caused her left eye to bulge out and unfortunately it had to be removed. Despite her disability, she remained happy and loved attention.

But recently a lump started to grow at the base of Jaja’s neck. The lump became wider & larger & has been diagnosed as a Mast Cell Tumor and has to be removed as soon as possible.

Dominique says

“Jaja is very appreciative and a happy furbaby, as she felt lots of love and care after she was rescued.”

It is such a terrible tragedy that after all she’s been though, Jaja’s life is now at risk.

The estimated cost of surgery to remove the tumor including tests & medicines is $250 & we’d love to be able to raise that so the surgery can go ahead immediately.

Please consider helping Jaja, she deserves to live longer and Dominique desperately wants to give her that chance.

Any donation however small will help. Thank you x.

3 years ago when Dominique first rescued jaja. Far left, the cage she was found in, living in the owners garage

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